Act Regenerative

Production methods inherited from the past are struggling to meet today’s food and climate challenges.
By capturing more carbon in the soil and protecting its health, agriculture can make a major contribution to society.

Act Regenerative

Intact is developing a new regenerative agricultural system in partnership with Axéréal, a leading French cooperative

A natural cycle: from nitrogen to protein

A natural cycle: from nitrogen to protein

Pulses, the only atmospheric nitrogen-fixing plants

Through the symbiotic relationship of bacteria with pulses and fungi, atmospheric nitrogen is fixed and deposited within the soil. The nitrogen can then be assimilated by the plant, which needs it to produce plant proteins. A virtuous cycle.

Intact develops regenerative solutions based on the natural nitrogen cycle

The plant transforms mineral nitrogen into amino acids, combining them to form proteins. Intact technology then makes it possible to extract these proteins naturally. Intact plant-based proteins are produced using the natural nitrogen cycle for healthy, sustainable food.

The pillars of Intact's
regenerative agriculture

Innovating to increase soil carbon sequestration, protect biodiversity, and help improve soil fertility and climate resilience.


Including pulses in crop rotation


Diversifying and extending rotation


Permanent soil coverage


Reducing soil tilling


Reducing use of chemical inputs

Beneficial solutions for farmers

Beneficial solutions for farmers

Less use of fertilisers

Pulses leave nitrogen available for the next crops in the rotation, which has environmental and economic benefits.

Promoting healthy soil

The excessive use of nitrogen-based fertilisers harms soil biodiversity.

Food sovereignty

The natural nitrogen cycle developed by Intact helps farmers become less dependent on imports of nitrogen-based fertilisers.

Less soil tilling

Too much soil tilling, as well as the excessive use of chemical fertilisers and synthetic pesticides, damages the physico-chemical and biological properties of the soil.

Soil fertility and biodiversity

A balanced soil provides a habitat for a wide variety of species, which help to maintain its properties and long-term fertility.

Water retention in soil and climate resilience

The soil’s structure influences its capacity to retain water. Healthy soil means better climate resilience.

Less soil tilling